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The maid said to have been hostile to unjustified dismissal


Philippines police rescue hostage ineffective, some Hong Kong people suspected anger Filipina maids working in Hong Kong. Outside helpers yesterday received the help of a maid, employer hostages, unreasonably her dismissal, the event being verified; Some employers worry that Hong Kong people attack his domestic helper will be angry, temporarily preventing them from going out. Maid organizations worry about the hatred Philippine emotional "Xinghuoliaoyuan, will hold a press conference today that with the people of the same side," Our hearts, of Hong Kong people crying in pain ".

Philippine Consulate to strengthen security

In addition to the demonstrations of the various political parties, there are also many people spontaneously to the Philippine Consulate General in Hong Kong protest, some people angrily chanting slogans directed lashed the Philippines government incompetence. Philippine Consulate in Admiralty yesterday significantly strengthen security, the Hong Kong Police to assist in maintaining law and order, blocking the lift lobby reception, three elevators for the demonstrators and journalists, with only one lift open to the visa of the maid to be at the consulate within the queue, security escort in batches into the elevator.

Maid: to go out to be intimidating

There are currently more than 130,000 Filipina maids working in Hong Kong, frankly concerned about the maid of Filipino Migrant Workers' Union Vice-Chairman Eman, noted that small part of our society have intense emotions, the maid said to the union, this morning when they go out a stranger newspaper coverage of the hostage event to show her, she was subject to intimidation; yesterday received the help of a maid, the employer under the in Qiu Philippine emotional unjustified dismissal, the union is to verify the event. Eman also part of employers that the maid's life safety threat Pian they temporarily stay at home do not go out, there are two left at home maid yesterday Bianxiang the trade union query the outside atmosphere is dangerous.

Eman emphasized that the Filipino in Hong Kong and Hong Kong people, like the incident saddened and our hearts with the people of Hong Kong in tears ", he criticized the Philippine government and police rescue poor, should take full responsibility for the incident as soon as possible to the people of Hong Kong accountable to, and compensation. Trade unions held a press conference today to express their demands, calling the people of Hong Kong with them on the same side pressure to the authorities, will in Chater Garden in Central on Sunday held a prayer meeting to commemorate the victims.

Near the Consulate yesterday gathered a lot of Filipina maids, read English newspapers and discuss the event with friends. The reporter approached the conversation, and immediately attracted a number of maid passing by stopped to express their views, they both said the incident "very scary", Association of a meeting will talk about the matter. To the consulate the visa of the maid, Lydia said, watch the news broadcast last night has been with the employer Although Cantonese fragment, but she also considers that the Philippine police the behavior of the Philippines into disrepute, "has been the home police also know that corruption is a serious The action is very slow, "I believe the event will affect the international image of the Philippines.

Unison: Do not transfer the hatred

Unison, the Director-General Huifen urged Hong Kong people should remain calm and rational, in the event hatred to an innocent maid who, continuation of the tragedy, to make society more the tragedy of racial discrimination.