Taiwan Foreign Affairs officials involved in fraud maid case impeachment roar subordinates exposure


Consolidated Taiwan's Central News Agency reported, the foreground authorities in the United States, Kansas Office of the Director "Liu Shanshan involving maid contract fraud has been the repatriation of the Control Yuan, Taiwan," "yesterday impeachment Liu Shanshan, and the transfer of Taiwan" Public Correctionaltreatment. "Control Yuan Liu Shanshan has also criticized his subordinates," son of a bitch ". Zhang Ji-ping, the Taiwan authorities, "Foreign Ministry spokesman said that respect for the Control Yuan" by impeachment, and will continue to cooperate with the investigation.

"JISC" Zhaorong Yao, Liu Shanshan Filipina maid Carino has signed a formal contract of employment, agreed to a monthly salary of $ 1,240, five days a week, eight hours a day, but Liu Shanshan private maid signed contract wage cuts, the actual monthly payment amount is only $ 590 less than the contract provides half.

In addition, Zhaorong Yao Liu others Liu Shanshan many colleagues reflects the harsh, bad-tempered, abusive commonly used foul language, roaring subordinates, the leadership of the governing misconduct. Liu Shanshan to accept the "JISC" about consultation argued that only talked about the Three Character Classic, because of relatively high expectations of his subordinates.

The Taiwan authorities, "Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zhang Ji-ping, said yesterday that respect for Taiwan's Control Yuan" by impeachment, and will continue to cooperate with the investigation.

Officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Taiwan authorities, said Liu Shanshan has been suspended, halved, paid in accordance with the provisions of impeachment can not be applied for retirement, transferred to Taiwan, "the public will punish" was the heaviest demotion, less than retired generals payments.