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Police caught an illegal foreign workers and resisting arrest an attempt to jump from a building


Miaoli police to a community patrol duty, illegal workers hiding in an abandoned story properties he owned, foreign workers to see the police came, and immediately four escape, one of them climbed to the third floor balcony in an attempt to downjump, the situation was very tense. But the last four foreign workers all been arrested by the police.

Illegal Philippinesese foreign workers and to see a bunch of police to lay hands on him, scared went to the third floor of the balcony to jump and even kick out to cross half of the body hanging on the balcony outside, believe it will fall down the floor. At this time, the police of the upstairs, downstairs is very tight, shouting broken throat constantly to appease him, he obediently down the stairs, the two sides deadlocked for 20 minutes, the foreign workers before finally remove the atrium, and obediently followed the police downstairs.

Addition, a rescue team and police in a nearby empty house building layer by layer search and found that foreign workers hiding in the top floor balcony, police quickly put foreign workers foreign workers threw himself in the ground, but also stairwell. he also once pretended to be ill uncomfortable.

Police arrested a total of four illegal foreign workers, the survey found that from Philippines, Indonesia, the Philippines, a residence time also remain in Taiwan to earn money, we are hiding in this abandoned vacancy sight of patrolling police officers, and immediately four escape, and finally all come back again.