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Freezing of the Filipino labor for four months


Thailand, Taiwan fraud suspects deported events in China continued to spread, CLA chairman Jennifer Wang yesterday announced a freeze MLC into Taiwan by administrative means, Zuoqi new applications for the MLC to the Taiwan case review period will extend the original seven to 12 working daysfor four months, "equal in real terms freeze for four months". Jennifer Wang said the next four months is the "observation period", if no positive response from the Philippine side will adopt more stringent sanctions, does not exclude freeze MLC to come to Taiwan.

This is the introduction of foreign workers in China to freeze on foreign workers due to diplomatic incident for the first time in 21 years, the past five freeze on foreign workers to come to Taiwan, but with labor issues. Scholars believe that the MLC alternative, the freeze Philippine negative influence; but a number of technology plant worried about the human will be affected. Thailand currently is China's third-largest source of foreign labor, after Indonesia and Thailand, currently 77,000 Duomingfeilao, of which more than 54,000 industry of foreign workers are employed in factories, and the other two 13,000 care workers or domestic help.