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Suspected to have been the agency exploitation MLC to sue in Taiwan


Taiwan Philippine recruitment agency suspected joint exploitation to Taiwan to work MLC, recently, after more than 200 victims MLC collective sue in Taiwan, if the accused successfully judged that there will be more Duofei Lao follow-up, set off a claim wave.

A Philippine Department of Justice officials to the Central News Agency revealed that more than 200 in Taiwan Hsinchu Science Park, MLC, the salary has been the two brokers jointly buckle light to repay the loan sharks, they go to Taiwan for several consecutive months collar to pay, after fruitless negotiations late last year to the Hsinchu District Prosecutors Office to sue.

Justice Department officials said that if the MLC is true, involved in human agency constitute a broad trafficking in persons, if the circumstances are serious, may affect the future of Taiwan MLC business relationship.

This is the official on condition of anonymity, said sensitive events, unwilling to provide more details.

An agency industry, said the industry to lend exploitation MLC has existed for a long time, but Yinfei Lao long-term option forbear without the outbreak of the recent maid in the United States against the case of the Liu Shanshan, may stimulate MLC role.
He believes that if 200 Duomingfeilao claim is successful, may lead to more follow-up in Taiwan, MLC, resulting in charged wave.

Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) director the main Xipeiruisi (the Amadeo Perez, Jr.) has said in public, on the average MLC to Taiwan to spend 100,000 pesos (approximately NT $ 69,000 yuan).

To this end, very Duofei Lao need to sell their assets, mortgage of premises in order to raise this cost, but there are very Duofei Lao no possessions, the need to labor brokers and loan shark in order to make the trip.

Taiwan and the Indonesia early in 2003 on the signing of labor direct employment plan memorandum, the MLC and the employer can save large sums of money, but the actual application procedure is quite complicated, the results have been not universal.